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System Integrations

Does your business store data in  systems outside Shopify, such as an ERP or CRM? We create real-time, two-way data synchronization workflows

Business Automation

Wasting lots of time manually processing orders and customers? We create highly reliable automation tasks, customized precisely to your needs

Custom, Private Apps

Want to offer personalized products, bundles, or other custom experiences? We can help create a private app to differentiate your shopping experience

Or create your own custom app with zero server management

Are you a developer and can't find a pre-existing app that solves your needs? Use our platform to create your own integrations and run apps without worrying about provisioning servers or managing your own infrastructure

Free Templates Included

Choose from our 100+ free mini-app templates to get started quickly

Event-Driven By Design

Easily create event driven apps using the native triggers system. Works with Shopify, Klavyio, and all your other important ecommerce systems.

Powerful and Extensible

Leverage the full power of Node.js and import any npm library, or import another app as a library. You don't have to reinvent the wheel.

Built-in Integrations

Connect your store with all the popular ecommerce tools

Explore many integrations that help streamline your business

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The best part of using Shypyard is that it just works. Once we set up our app, I never need to go back into the app and see if my tasks are running properly

Koji Jimba, Flagship

The Shypyard team was amazing. I almost feel bad for the amount of time they spent understanding my needs for my integration and exactly how my business is set up, creating a solution and making tweaks. Their communication was super quick and clear and within a couple of weeks they built the perfect integration that is saving me HOURS of work every week. Awesome experience and the code is working perfectly. Highly recommend.

Danielle Sandusky, Modern Bungalow

We asked the team at Shypard to help us write an automation that can help us generate a CSV report to show the net revenue of each of our product sales during a pre-order, and that's exactly what they delivered. This automation saves us somewhere between 20 to 30 minutes after every pre-order and it's truly made a huge difference to our workflow. The team is very responsive, patient and knows what they are doing. If there are small glitches with the tasks, they are super quick to respond (even if they are located in a completely different timezone) and the problem gets fixed right away. I would 100% recommend this app to anyone who are looking for unique solutions and automations for their Shopify store, this is a team of developers you can trust :)

Jenny, cottongos