Use Cases

See how Shypyard's free connectors can help you integrate the critical systems that power your business.

Inventory & OMS Integration

Fully Customizable Integrations

Do you have orders that ship in multiple boxes, or from multiple warehouses? Want to combine dropshipping with 3PL fulfillment of different products for the same order? No problem, Shypyard can help you achieve exactly what you want

Flexible Fraud Alerting Rules

Based on your business, we can help you define very flexible and precise rules to help you stop fraudulent orders. Shypyard can also create custom automatic follow up actions, such as notifying you on Slack of suspicious orders, logging suspect customers IP in a database, etc.

Auto Order Tagging

Possible scenarios: 1. When an order is placed, tag each product to indicate from where it location it ships 2. Add a custom tag whenever an order includes a specific product 3. Send an alert if an order has not been shipped within 3 days