The eCommerce Unified Analytics Platforms

Shypyard provides eCommerce owners with easy to understand insights of how your e-commerce channels are doing, and start making decisions confidently with the most up-to-date and machine learning driven predictions. With native integrations into all your e-commerce data sources, we can provide the most accurate picture of your business.

Unlock Your Business Insights

Omni-channel Clarity

Unlock Your Business Insights

If you are selling on multiple platforms such as Shopify and Amazon, then you can learn about the sales performance for each individual channel all in one place.

See a complete picture of your business across all sales channels. From high level KPIs such as P&L and Website visits to full funnel analysis of which channels are converting and which aren’t.

All Channel
Last Month
$ 66000
$ 8800
$ 9999
$ 5666
Cart Value
$ 150
$ 30
$ 45
$ 50
Cart Value

Cash Flow Forecasting
and Scenario Planning

See Cash Flow Forecasts
Unsure if you have the budget for advertisements? Hesitant if your recent revenue is enough to get you through the upcoming off-season? Shypyard's easy-to-read graphs will help you plan ahead.
Shypyard allow you to analyze your historical cash position to identify trends and forecast your cash position up to 12 months ahead by tweaking different scenarios.
Inventory purchases
New product or SKU launches
Increased marketing expenditures
SG&A growth
Adding new sales channels (ie: eBay, Walmart)

Cohort Analysis

Get Cohort Analytics

Dividing customers into cohorts can help you optimize your marketing and offers for higher customer retention.

Keep track of your customers over different cohorts so you can monitor LTV, repeat purchase rate, and more.

Product Analytics

Get Product Analytics
See unified revenue and profit by SKU and variant. Keep track of changes over time, such as a sudden jump in sales for one size or increased returns for another. Never miss out on another sales opportunities. Shypyard will show you the current selling trends so there is no need for guessing what your customers want!

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Monitor your customer’s subscription patterns. See which segments of customers are most likely to subscribe, which are most likely to churn, and what products customer subscribe to the most.

Make Sense of your Marketing Spend

Clear up Marketing

Spend your marketing budget on the right spot! Shypyard's marketing dashboard connects all the mainstream platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and Tiktok. It helps you keep a close eye on each campaign in any data source and how it impacts sales across all your SKUs. Use our brand marketing dashboard to see how brand campaigns impact sales across all your channels.

Inventory Insights

Automating inventory management is the new trend! Replace your spreadsheets with Shypyard to avoid issues such as overstock and stockout caused by human error.

Manage Inventory like a Pro

Automated Inventory Planning

Keep track of how fast each SKU is selling, when you’re forecasted to sell out, the incoming inventory shipments on particular products.

COGs Management

Know when you’re overstocked on certain inventory and stop reordering them when needed.

Unified Analytics Hub for Ecommerce

Shypyard's Unified Analytics platform will organize all your sales channels data, and provide you with clear visual reports for different levels of your e-commerce business (e.g., Cash Flow Forecasting, Inventory Management, Product Analytics, etc.). With the powerful insights and helpful suggestions, you will be able to make the most advantageous business decisions and let your business flourish.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do Shypyard help the eCommerce merchants?
Shypyard helps merchants increase cash flow and maximize their revenue potential by analyzing sales and inventory data, and providing timely alerts and recommendations on which SKUs to restock and when. We integrate with all the most popular apps such as accounting systems, warehouse management systems, and sales channels so you can get started and gain valuable insights in just a few minutes.

Recently, we are piloting an invite-only beta launch for eCommerce Unified Analytics Platforms for Shopify that expands upon our sales and inventory analytics to cover all aspects of your e-commerce operations, from marketing, ad spend, social media, customer service metrics, return rates, and more. With native integrations into all your eCommerce data sources, we can provide a one-stop shop to  visualize the performance  of your business.
What kind of eCommerce stores can use Shypyard?
Shypyard is designed for any eCommerce store on Shopify, Amazon or WooCommerce. We are working on adding support for additional sales channels such as Square POS, Walmart, Etsy and more in the future. Shypyard is flexible for any size of eCommerce business and we are here to help you save time and start making decisions confidently with the most up-to-date and machine learning-driven predictions.
As eCommerce store owners, why do you need Shypyard accounting app integration?
We all know that accounting is an unavoidable part of running an eCommerce store. To avoid manual accounting mistakes and improve efficiency, you can integrate Shypyard accounting apps to automate your sales and accounting workflows.

We already integrated Xero and MYOB and you can enable them with one click. Start tracking your finances now!
As eCommerce store owners, why do you need Shypyard inventory Planning integration?
Inventory forecasting is a must for growing Shopify stores to ensure stock availability and maximize store revenue. Shypyard provides customized inventory planning capabilities plus integrations with 3PL, WMS, and inventory management system to help you avoid overstocking and under-stocking.

We are able to integrate with any warehouse management systems, or inventory system.
How to collect all eCommerce channels data and find the insights to make better decisions?
As an eCommerce owner, you might use different platforms to sell products or manage multiple marketing channels to interact with clients.

Shypyard's Unified Analytics Platforms help the eCommerce owners easily to know how your eCommerce channels are doing, and you can start making decisions with the most up-to-date and machine learning driven predictions.