Xero: an Overview

Xero is a New Zealand based accounting software popular among small to mid-sized businesses. This cloud-based system has risen in popularity in recent years, now boasting more than two million users.
Xero is a fantastic entry-level accounting solution with simple features and easy navigation. They simplify data analysis for business owners, displaying all essential information on a central dashboard.
When opened, the main page has intuitive boxes that show bank balances, expenses, and other major statistics. With drag and drop boxes the dashboard is extremely customizable. Aimed to help small businesses, Xero understands time is the most important part of running a business. They offer automated invoice reminders when payments are overdue, a "find and recode" software that mass searches and edits errors in bookkeeping, and online invoices that simplify e-commerce. In addition, Xero is meant to be connected! The dashboard has an "integrations" tab, allowing you can easily connect third party tools such as Shypyard.
While Xero is a beloved by many, some features are underdeveloped and may become major pain points.
Xero's simplified integrations process are a major perk, however there are several key issues in the system. If integrated incorrectly with a third party, you may loose all customer or shop data. The Xero system also does not identify the issue in the connection, meaning there are no real ways to troubleshoot. This might create extra expenses for your business, as finding and solving connection issues may require an accountant or software engineer. In addition, there is no dedicated phone number or email address to report issues - all communication begins through the website's chat button. Responses can be slow and inconsistent.
Additionally, Xero may become a hinderance as your business scales. Built mostly for small to mid-sized businesses with low-complexity features, processing may be slow if you have a large volume of orders or operate in multiple currencies.  Xero also does not have options for "limited access" to business accounts. It's not possible to give certain employees limited visibility your Xero account, the only option is to give them full access. All things considered, Xero is a fantastic option for growing small businesses. The platform has become a crowd favourite with its simplified invoices, banking, and online connection. Paired with Shypyard's integration, Xero is a seamless solution. For a full beginner's guide to Xero, check out this article.

Xero Pricing

Xero offers three plans: Starter, Standard, and Premium. All plans regardless of features are billed monthly.

Business owners with multiple companies will have to purchase separate subscriptions for each business.

Get Started with Xero

To begin using Xero, go to the official Xero website and click the 'try for free button'. For more information on setting up your account and a detailed explanation of all workflows, consider reading our step-by-step Xero setup guide.

Xero Integrations

As previously mentioned, Xero is built to be integrated! Keeping accurate records can ensure your businesses' continuity for years to come. For an overview of features to look for in a good accounting integration, read this article.
Several tried and true integrations include Shypyard, Zapier, Parex Bridge, AllFetch, and Bold. For more information on leading Xero integrations, click the link.

While all accounting solutions deliver on their goal, we believe the most well-rounded option to be the Shypyard and Xero connector. With workflows that allow you to edit invoices, payments, products, and stock levels, the service satisfies all client needs. In addition, data is stored within the Shypyard server and an error log allows you to see real-time sync and customer errors. The Shypyard connector not only fills gaps in Xero's service, but does so at a lower price point than competitors. Start today with a 14 day free trial, no credit card required, and book a free call to change how you integrate.

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