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MYOB Software

Integrate your Shopify store with MYOB for an accounting solution that works.

What is MYOB?

MYOB, or Mind Your Own Business, is a New Zealand-based bookkeeping, tax, and accounting software company. This cloud accounting software offers a range of products and has a tool for virtually every business, some popular options including:
MYOB Essentials is a browser-based software for smaller businesses looking for a simple way to manage transactions.

MYOB AccountRight allows users to manage inventory, expenses, and payroll both online and offline. This tier was designed for small to medium-sized businesses who are looking for a versatile service.

MYOB EXO is an enterprise solution that spans beyond accounting, allowing someone to control finance, payroll, CRM, and manufacturing and service management. This product aims to be your business's central dashboard and is the only MYOB software that directly integrates with Shopify.

For a deeper dive into MYOB, check out this article that describes how MYOB can be integrated with different e-commerce sites, including WooCommerce and Shopify. If you’re still unsure if MYOB is the right platform for you, read up on how MYOB can simplify accounting for your business. Even on the most basic tier, this product spans beyond just accounting, helping your business grow on all fronts. If your business uses Shopify, you might have difficulty synchronizing your accounting data with your store. MYOB EXO is the only software that integrates directly with Shopify. However, this platform may not be fit for everyone, as it is aimed at multi-level enterprises. If you’re looking to integrate any other MYOB product, you’ll need a third party app to connect the two (Shypyard can help you with this). Check out this article to learn more about different connectors to integrate MYOB with your e-commerce platform.

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