Apps and Connectors

See a sample of the custom apps we created to help merchants improve productivity, delight customers, and accelerate sales

Real-time, fully customized connectors

Integrate any ERP, with any level of customization
Use Shypyard to synchronize data between your ERP, Shopify, and other backend systems, all in real-time.

No matter whether you use Sage 300, Brightpearl, Netsuite, or even a legacy system such as IBM System i that doesn't have an API, Shypyard can provide the perfect connector for you.

Order Management

Order Sync

For orders that ship in multiple boxes, automatically archive the order when all products have been delivered

Fraud Alerting App

If an order is high risk, pause the fulfillment process and notify me immediately through email or Slack to confirm
Your Shopify store and payment information is fully secure with Shypyard

Auto Tagging App

1. When an order is placed, tag each product to indicate from where it location it ships.

2. Add a custom tag whenever an order includes a specific product

3. Send an alert if an order has not been shipped within 3 days


Bundle Sync App

Synchronizes SKU data  automatically to simplify the process of creating and updating bundles

Partial Bundle Fulfillment

For order that ship in multiple boxes, automatically archive the order when all products have been successfully delivered

Bundle Returns App

Automatically update inventory levels when a customer needs to return a single item within a bundle

Alternatively, automatically update the order item in Shopify if you need to replace a portion of a bundle

Analytics and Reporting

LTV Calculator

Automatically create an LTV report of your previous month customers

Metrics Alerts App

Always stay on top of your business with custom alerts based on important business metrics, such as average cart size, cart abandonment rate, and average orders per hour

Spreadsheet Export App

Export data from Shopify to Google Sheets

Business Health Dashboard

Combine multiple data sources (Stripe, Klayvio, Shopify) and create a custom business health dashboard with the KPI you care about

Inventory management

Inventory Forecasting App

Just-In-Time Inventory: Based on your Shopify order history, your upcoming promotion schedule, and other custom variables, our forecasting app calculates the amount of each product or raw material you need to purchase to fulfill your upcoming orders.

Auto Restock App

Automate your procurement using either rules you define, or the predictive capabilities of our Inventory Forecasting App. Our Auto Restock app contacts your suppliers on your behalf (via API or email) to automatically replenish your inventory at the right time, every time.

Alternatively, our app can notify you when a particular product inventory is running low, and you can reorder in a single click.

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