Stop guessing
at your key metrics

Get easy to understand insights into exactly how your e-commerce channels are doing, and start making decisions confidently with the most up-to-date data and machine learning driven predictions. With native integrations into all your e-commerce data sources, we can provide the most accurate picture of your business.
It’s like a bird’s eye view for your whole business.

Unlock Your Business Insights

Omni-channel Clarity

Unlock Your Business Insights

See a complete picture of your business across all sales channels. From high level KPIs such as P&L and Website visits to full funnel analysis of which channels are converting and which aren’t.

All Channel
Last Month
$ 66000
$ 8800
$ 9999
$ 5666
Cart Value
$ 150
$ 30
$ 45
$ 50
Cart Value

Cash Flow Forecasting
and Scenario Planning

See Cash Flow Forecasts
Visualize your historical cash position to identify trends  |  Forecast your cash position up to 12 months ahead by tweaking different scenarios
Inventory purchases
New product or SKU launches
Increased marketing expenditures
SG&A growth
Adding new sales channels (ie: eBay, Walmart)

Cohort Analysis

Get Cohort Analytics

Keep track of your customers over different cohorts so you can monitor LTV, repeat purchase rate, and more.

Product Analytics

Get Product Analytics
See unified revenue and profit by SKU and variant. Keep track of changes over time, such as a sudden jump in sales for one size or increased returns for another.

High Volume

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Monitor your customer’s subscription patterns. See which segments of customers are most likely to subscribe, which are most likely to churn, and what products customer subscribe to the most.

Make Sense of your Marketing Spend

Clear up Marketing

Our marketing dashboard helps you keep a close eye on each campaign in any data source and how it impacts sales across all your SKUs. Use our brand marketing dashboard to see how brand campaigns impact sales across all your channels.

Inventory Insights

Manage Inventory like a Pro

Automated Inventory Planning

Keep track of how fast each SKU is selling, when you’re forecasted to sell out, the incoming inventory shipments on particular products.

COGs Management

Know when you’re overstocked on certain inventory and stop reordering them when needed.