MYOB AccountRight to Shopify Integration

Use Shypyard to connect your Shopify store with MYOB AccountRight to automate your inventory and accounting workflows. Save time, reduce errors, and worry less. Start today with a 14-day free trial, no credit card required.

Connect your Shopify store to MYOB AccountRight
Using Shypyard’s MYOB connector, you can both sync your data and automate your accounting workflows.

Do you currently use OneSaas to connect MYOB to Shopify?

Shypyard's MYOB AccountRight to Shopify store connector offers the same great features as the OneSaas used to offer

Same Great Integration

Rest assured, Shypyard supports all the same workflows and automations as your current OneSass integration between MYOB AccountRight and Shopify

Shypyard will help Shopify merchants migrate from OneSaas in a matter of minutes

Seamless Transition

Migrate over from OneSaas to Shypyard in minutes

Shypyard's connector is the same price as OneSaas's MYOB connector, and there is no onboarding fee

No Migration Fee

Pay the same low monthly prices as before with absolutely no onboarding fee

How does Shypyard's connector work?

Our connector maintains uniformity between your Shopify store and your MYOB account in 4 basic categories:

  • Sales Orders
  • Stock levels
  • Products and Product information
  • Payouts and Financial Accounts

Example Shopify to MYOB synchronizations

When a product’s stock level changes in MYOB AccountRight, I want to...

  • Update the product’s stock level in Shopify

For all products created or updated in Shopify, I want to...

  • Create the same products in MYOB AccountRight

When an order is placed in Shopify, I want to...

  • Create sale invoice or sale order in MYOB AccountRight, including customer & products and optionally create payments and fees in the corresponding clearing accounts.

Custom Solutions

Shypyard is very flexible and can support any custom workflows or automations you dream up!

MYOB to Shopify Connector Pricing

Basic Shopify to MYOB AccountRight connector offers the synchronization for up to 400 transactions per month
  • Up to 400 transactions per month
  • Historical Data: 1 Month
  • Email support
The standard Shopify to MYOB connector from Shypyard offers up to 800 transactions synced per month
  • Up to 800 transactions per month
  • Historical Data: 1 Month
  • Email support
  • Free setup call
The growth plan from Shypyard offers up to 2500 transactions synced between MYOB AccountRight and your Shopify store every month
  • Up to 2500 transactions per month
  • Historical Data: 1 Month
  • Email support
  • Free setup call
Most popular
The Enterprise plan for provides the most robust connection between your MYOB AccountRight and your Shopify store, with near real-time synchronization
  • Up to 10000 transactions per month
  • Additional transactions for $4.5/1000
  • Email support
  • Free setup call
Need a custom plan?

Contact our support team to learn more about our Business & eCommerce Premium plans.

Visa card accepted as paymentMastercard accepted as payment
Shypyard provides a money back guarantee on your satisfaction
If you're not 100% satisfied, get your money back.
Your information is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption.
Your Shopify store and payment information is fully secure with Shypyard

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up the MYOB and Shopify integration with Shypyard?
You can easily set up your MYOB and Shopify integration by creating an account with Shypyard using the 'Start a Free Trial' button. Once your account has been created, simply follow the installation instructions provided in our Shopify & MYOB AccountRight Integration user guide. If you'd prefer further guidance, we can also schedule you in with an onboarding specialist to set up your integration.
How often is data synced between Shopify and MYOB AccountRight?
If you use our "Automatic Sync" feature, your data will be automatically synchronized between the platforms on an hourly basis. If you need more frequent synchronization, we are happy to create a custom plan for you, with synchronization as often as once every 5 minutes. However, if you'd prefer to manually sync your data, that option is also available.
Is the Shopify and MYOB AccountRight integration available worldwide?
Yes! All of our integrations support users globally, so don't worry about where your business operates from - we've got you covered.
Can I select which workflows I want to use?
Yes! All the workflows available in our product are optional so you can turn on only the ones you want to use.
Does Shypyard turn on automatically once we connect our store and our MYOB accounts?
No, you will first have to configure the settings for the workflows you'd like to use and then turn on your desired workflows. Then you will have to turn on automatic sync for Shypyard to synchronize automatically.
Can we continue to use Onesaas after we install Shypyard?
We do not recommend continuing to use OneSaas after you install Shypyard as this will risk creating duplicate data in your MYOB or Shopify accounts. For example, if you have the order sync workflow turned on in both Shypyard and Onesaas, you will end up with duplicated invoices.
How secure is your product and what steps should we take to ensure security of private information?
Shypyard strives to provide a reliable and secure platform by using 256-bit enterprise-grade security. In addition, all of your credentials are stored in a way that no one at Shypyard can access them.
How do you send fees from Shopify to MYOB through an order sync?
Under the order sync workflow settings on your Shypyard dashboard, you can turn on the option to send fees from Shopify to MYOB AccountRight (i.e. the last option in the settings panel).
For the stock level sync workflow, are there any special steps we need to take?
No, there are no special steps needed other than simply turning on the workflow. However, prior to this, you should ensure that MYOB is the the single source of truth for your inventory counts to avoid any errors. This is because if inventory levels change in Shopify, and this workflow is turned on, then it will overwrite the inventory change with whatever stock level is recorded in MYOB. Therefore, this workflow is best for when you keep MYOB updated with the latest inventory that your suppliers send.