Ecommerce Integration Platform for Developers

For developers and ecommerce agencies, Shypyard provides a platform for you to create store automations and custom integration connectors for the Shopify merchants you serve


Save your time

Start automating common tasks immediately with pre-built templates

Templates Include:

Automatically tagging customers or orders
Hiding out of stock products
Automatically sending inventory quantities to Google sheets

Automation Builder


Powerful in-browser IDE with modern coding features


Easily find, import and manage dependencies
Your Shopify store and payment information is fully secure with Shypyard


Securely store sensitive config variable


Set-up triggers based on Shopify Webhook

Shypyard supports event-driven apps by design. Easily listen to any Shopify webhook, or set up your automation task to run on a predictable schedule

Action Guides

Drop in standard actions quickly without looking up API documentation or searching StackOverflow

Common Actions Include:

Parsing a CSV file
Sending an email or slack message
Update a customer in your CRM

Testing your Automation

Test directly in the browser and see results in seconds

Pick from pre-build mock data to test your code from all angles.

Execution Logs

See your execution history at a glance

Quickly identify failed tasks and inspect any execution: why it was triggered, console logs, and any errors

Shypyard is for everyone

See why so many merchants are using Shypyard to speed up their business and do more everyday.