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Shypyard Consulting Services offers you flexible, custom integration solutions, at competitive market rates

Latest work

Custom Inventory Management Integration

We helped Modern Bungalow build a custom connection between their inventory management system and accounting backend

Stocky POS

World class technology from Silicon Valley technologists

The Shypyard platform is designed for reliability, timeliness and high throughput execution. Your custom integration is built on top of a serverless, distributed cloud platform so it is fault-tolerant and scales up and down seamlessly

Highly reliable

Our server-less architecture is designed to be error resistant and the platform retries your tasks automatically in case of failures.

Real-time Processing

We provide webhooks to every possible event in your Shopify store (ie: new order, new customer), so you can define and trigger custom actions based on those events

Endlessly Connectable

Connect with 100s of e-commerce services, and even define custom webhooks for your 3rd-party software

How we work

Our proccess

We partner closely with you so you know exactly what you are getting



We spend 1-2 hours in free consulting to better understand your use cases and final product. We also help you think through corner cases and contingencies


We draft a short project brief and give you an estimate of the timeline, budget.


Test and Validate

We spend as much time as needed to ensure your custom integration is working properly, and you are confident in the outcome.


Join our family

Don't spend your time on creating custom integrations or automations. Let us handle the boring stuff so you can focus on your customers


We Are Shypyard

Our goal is to make the best templates in the marketplace. We try to focus more on the quality and usability of our products to make customers happy.


We are hiring!

Focus on innovations, quality, and community.


Read some success stories from clients

We asked the team at Shypard to help us write an automation that can help us generate a CSV report to show the net revenue of each of our product sales during a pre-order, and that's exactly what they delivered. This automation saves us somewhere between 20 to 30 minutes after every pre-order and it's truly made a huge difference to our workflow. The team is very responsive, patient and knows what they are doing. If there are small glitches with the tasks, they are super quick to respond (even if they are located in a completely different timezone) and the problem gets fixed right away. I would 100% recommend this app to anyone who are looking for unique solutions and automations for their Shopify store, this is a team of developers you can trust :)

Jenny, cottongos

The Shypyard team was amazing. I almost feel bad for the amount of time they spent understanding my needs for my integration and exactly how my business is set up, creating a solution and making tweaks. Their communication was super quick and clear and within a couple of weeks they built the perfect integration that is saving me HOURS of work every week. Awesome experience and the code is working perfectly. Highly recommend.

Danielle Sandusky

The best part of using Shypyard is that it just works. Once we set up our app, I never need to go back into the app and see if my tasks are running properly

Koji Jimba, Flagship

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