Compare with Mechanic

Mechanic not working out for you? Migrate your existing workflows to Shypyard with our automatic conversion tool and get 3 months free. Our automatic conversion tool means you can migrate your workflow in under 10 minutes.

Shopify Webhooks

Mechanic only supports a fraction of all the possible webhooks, preventing you from automating everything. In contrast, Shypyard supports all Shopify Webhooks, so you can trigger code to run after any event that happens in your Shopify store..


Shypyard supports any Javascript code and leverages Node.js as the runtime environment. Break free from the constraints of writing Liquid code.

Power and Flexibility

Want to format dates or quickly convert timezones? Shypyard is compatible with all npm libraries so there's no need to re-invent the wheel.

Error handling and graceful failure modes

Robust error handling , debugging and logging features puts you in charge and gives you full transparency into every single execution of your code. Step through your code line by line in debugger, or review logs of recently executed features.

Tasks are retried up to 3 times and you can set up notifications when they fail.

Shypyard is for everyone

Migrate your existing Mechanic tasks to Shypyard and get 3 months free.