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Top 5 Live Chat Tools for E-commerce

With the ubiquity of instant messaging, Live Chat has become one of the “must-have” e-commerce tools for Shopify merchants since it is the most effective and real-time customer communication tool. First, let’s look at what you can expect across most live chat tools. Then, we’ll explore 5 top free live chat software programs out there, along with the features that make them different.

Why Live Chat?

Eighty percent of the people coming to your site today are only in research mode. Thus, they have plenty of questions. You can indeed get these questions answered in various places around your website, but you know there's always going to be a certain number of questions that you never anticipate coming. People that are just in research mode aren't ready to make a decision. Almost none of those people will be willing to pick up a phone or send off an email. However, they will be glad to use a chat feature even when they are not ready to buy. It just feels a lot less intimidating and committed to talking to you over chat. Life chat tools allow you to connect hundreds of visitors that browsed through your website. Having more customers on your side means more of a good thing for everyone except your competitors.

How Live Chat Works?

When your customers are browsing through your products listed on your website, if they wonder which is most suitable, they can click the chat widget and invite an advisor for a chat immediately. Initialization and customization are usually super easy. You will need to copy and paste the live chat tool code to your website and customize your widget with just a few clicks.

Top 5 Live Chat Tools

1. Podium

Podium gives each interaction a personal touch or uses automated messages and ready to send templates for some of the more routine stuff. You can text customers and stay connected from anywhere. Besides sending messages and pictures, your customers could also make payments through the Podium chatbox. Get Podium.


HubSpot's free forever and is easy to customize, so you can focus on selling instead of learning a tool. You could customize your chat widget to match the design of your website. When you are not in the office, you may designate office hours with your visitors. Also, Hubspot will save the conversations with your customers automatically, and you can find them in your inbox. Get Hubspot.


Over 31,000 businesses trust LiveChat in over 150 countries. You can chat with customers without having to log in to your WordPress dashboard. Their customization tools allow you to customize our chat pop-up to match your website branding, which is a huge plus. Get LiveChat and get 30% off coupon.


ProProfs Live Chat supports the integration of the knowledge base that helps you create a self-help center visible to those looking for help in the chat widget. This means that service is available even before your visitors initiate a chat with support operators and help articles relevant to their looks. get ProProfs

5. Intercom

Intercom assists with customer support, sales, and marketing. It lets you communicate directly with customers through a messaging system and follow up with an automated email. More than that, it helps you create a database of articles to answer frequently asked questions. Intercom is also equipped for collaboration while setting permissions and communicating with your team within the app. Get Intercom.

Please share your comments when you have tried those five tools if they work out for you.

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