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The Top 5 Customer Service Tools for Growing Shopify Stores

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What You Need to Know

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As the e-commerce world becomes more crowded, customer management can make or break an online business. With thousands of tools and add-ons promising to optimize customer experience, it can be difficult to identify what management softwares are must-haves for your business. Here are some top platforms that guarantee a user-friendly shopping experience.


Communication is key, especially when online shopping. Zendesk simplifies this process by streamlining different live chat, social media messages, and email channels. Along with direct client communication, the application makes self-service convenient and accessible through a help forum. Zendesk’s ability to integrate with virtually every app and cutting-edge analytical features have made it an industry leader. Try it yourself with a suite plan, starting at $49 monthly.

However popular, it's fair to note that Zendesk was not designed specifically for e-commerce and has limited capabilities for merchants outside of messaging.


Unlike Zendesk, Gorgias was built for e-commerce and is deeply integrated with Shopify. They consolidate messages from all channels onto a central dashboard, including Instagram and Facebook comments! Gorgias uses filters and machine learning to sort this data by urgency, intent, and sentiments. Along with centralized communication, Gorgias aims to seamlessly integrate into your existing tech stack and is compatible with common Shopify integrations such as Recart, Stamped, and Channel Reply. The tool guarantees a 40% increase in productivity, at a cost of $50 USD monthly on a basic plan.

As Gorgias aims to be your business's one-stop, reviews point to a steep learning curve when setting up the rules and filters on the dashboard.

Zoho CRM

Similar to the first two options, Zoho CRM streamline messages across all channels, including telephone, live chat, and email. Their main selling point is the collaboration that the tool offers between staff. The application acts as a business hub, with task lists, notes, video calls and direct message options. In addition, the tool has a robust data-analyzing feature that allows you to track sales metrics and data. All of these features come free for up to three users, and $14 per user on a standard plan.

While the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, some indicate bugs in the social module (Twitter and Instagram integrations) and a lack of marketing features.


If you're looking for a tool centred around clients, Kustomer might be the right tool for your business. The software paints a clear picture of a client by compiling all of a customer's data in one place, including communication with staff, previous orders, and account information. Their cutting-edge AI also promises to automate 40% of your conversations through help forums and automatic messages, allowing your team to focus their energy in other places.

All of Kustomer's features work seamlessly to help your business provide the best service possible to your clients. Reviews applaud this aspect of the data-heavy tool, however note that reporting and data collection require over 24 hours to view.


If you’re looking for a simple way to streamline operations, try Freshdesk. They offer a shared inbox for staff to collaborate on projects and answer client emails, and have an AI-powered chatbot that can answer basic customer questions. The Freshdesk software is intuitive and easy to use, and the agent-collision detection function allows you to manage your team and easily direct them to tasks. The Sprout plan consists of basic features, and is completely free!

Reviews claim this is an easy and convenient software, however lacks more advanced features needed to help scale a business.

What's the right fit for my business?

When deciding which add-on to integrate with your store, consider the entire experience you want as a business owner. If you're looking to focus on excellent customer service, Kustomer might be the right fit for you. If your business relies heavily on social media marketing, try Gorgias.

While the execution of each tool is very different, it's clear that a streamlined approach to customer service is the way to go. Their ability to improve service, streamline user data, and simplify tasks make them an integral part of any growing store.

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