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The Best Xero Accounting Integrations

Accounting is an essential part of running a Shopify store, and Xero has become an increasingly popular option. Learn more about how you can use Xero, and the best integrations to ensure a smooth connection.

What is Xero?

Xero is a New Zealand-based accounting software designed for small to mid-sized businesses. The system is easy to use and simple to set up, making it a fantastic option for anyone beginning their e-commerce journey.

Xero is all about simplicity, and this is abundantly clear in the dashboard setup and cloud-based approach the company uses. The dashboard displays cash flow, expenses, and bills in digestible graphs, and allows users to use either cash-based and accrual accounting.

Why Integrate?

Accounting is an extremely manual (but important!) task, and transferring data from Shopify to Xero can take hours. The responsibility only grows as your company scales. To simplify accounting, integrate your Shopify store with Xero. Third-party integrations can automatically sync data from one application to another, ensuring all data is accurate and consolidated.

Integrations for Xero

Most Xero integrations for Shopify offer a standard list of features. However, each app has varying onboarding fees and quirks. Explore some of the most popular options below.


Accounting specialist Shypyard offers a dynamic blend of customizability and ease of use.


  • Easy to use: The majority of users are able to get set up in under 10 minutes, and the support team is always around for any questions!
  • Easy onboarding: If you were using another integration service such as OneSaas, the team is well trained to help you migrate over to Shypyard quickly. In addition, users receive a free onboarding call, regardless of the signup tier. Shypyard doesn't discriminate based on how big your store is! Simply email the team at
  • Affordable and straightforward pricing: Starting at just $29 for 400 orders per month, all of Shypyard's plans include the full set of features, including unlimited collaborators, multi-location inventory tracking, automatic payment reconciliation and much more.
  • Inventory syncing: Shypyard provides bi-directional inventory syncing between popular e-commerce platforms and Xero, so you can use Xero as your source of truth for inventory.
  • Highly customizable: Shypyard allows merchants to map different accounts for different types of transactions


  • Shypyard doesn't support integration with Quickbooks at the moment.
  • Shypyard can sync order-level invoices and payments every hour. For merchants that only need to sync once a day or once a month, Shypyard might be overkill.

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Even if you've just started your journey in the e-commerce world, you're bound to have heard of Zapier. The integration platform is popular among smaller businesses, known for its simplicity and fantastic customer service.


  • Easy onboarding: Zapier's Shopify and Xero integration promises only three minutes of onboarding before you can begin using the application.
  • Simple triggers: Zapier offers 20+ triggers and actions, allowing people with minimal coding experience to automate hundreds of tasks.


  • Difficult to scale: While this integration is exceptionally popular, reviews claim it geared more for smaller businesses that only require simple tasks to be automated. The integration also becomes more difficult to use over time as your business scales, as basic triggers are missing, and recurring invoices must be manually filled out.
  • Lacks complexity: Once an invoice has been created in Xero, there is no "edit" tool that allows someone to make changes, or add detail to the bill/invoice.

Check out a full list of Zapier reviews here!

Parex Bridge

Accounting integrator Parex Bridge is another popular option. The app has three main workflows: products, orders, and customer data.


  • Customization: You may choose whether you want to create an individual customer in Xero for all your Shopify customers or you can select to sync all orders under one dummy customer. If you select the former, all your customers are entered into Xero as well during the order sync.
  • Automatic shipping and tax calculations: Parex automatically syncs tax and shipping costs to your Xero account, meaning all numbers displayed are final.
  • Affordable: The plan has 3 tiers, ranging from $10 to $30.


  • Not all-inclusive: Parex charges extra for add-ons, including an inventory quantities sync. Many of the features listed in add-on packages are included in the basic plans of other integrations.

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An official Xero partner, AllFetch is a reliable option for your Shopify store.


  • Simplified management: While some of the other integrations on this list offer a more hands-on approach to integrating, AllFetch is dedicated to making the process as automated as possible. Users can choose when to start the synchronization, and choose how data is organized. They also allow you to view specific order data such as gift cards, refunds, and payment methods.
  • Analytics: With AllFetch, you can sort data by specific periods, or look at daily increments.
  • Affordable: The base plan comes free with a 100 order limit, and the most expensive integration costs only $29.99 (USD) a month!


  • Limited support: AllFetch does not work for stores that use multiple currencies.
  • Sometimes payments are delayed in syncing
  • Non-automatic syncs: The integration does not provide real-time syncs, only syncing every 3,12, or 24 hours.

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Whether you're making bold decisions your e-commerce store, or playing it safe, Bold boasts an impressive list of clients, including Staples and Pepsi. This integration is suitable for smaller businesses that have less than 30 orders each month.


  • Always stay updated: With Bold, you can receive daily notifications (through email) about order data and sales.
  • Tax information: No matter where your clients are from, Bold automatically adjusts tax rates for your business. All numbers in Xero include shipping, taxes, and all line items. You can also set up a primary tax agency and run reports to predict how much your company owes in taxes.
  • Import Customer Information: The app claims it is extremely customizable, allowing you to automatically import customer information along with your orders.
  • Detailed reporting: Through Bold, you can create and export individual invoices, and record discounts and refunds separately. The integration also links to Shopify Payments, allowing you to record payment fees.


  • Limited pricing plan: While the basic plan is free, it has a hard limit of 30 orders, and does not sync product and inventory information.
  • Slow customer service: Many Bold reviews indicate disappointment with bad customer service and fundamental issues in the platform's code.

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Which Xero and Shopify Integration is Right for Me?

Ultimately, the integration you choose depends on your business and its specific needs. If you're looking for a basic option to start off, we recommend Shypyard. Sign up for free today, and get on an onboarding call to learn more about what the integration can do for you!

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