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MYOB Accounting Software Integrations for Shopify

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What You Need to Know

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What is MYOB?

MYOB, or Mind Your Own Business, is a New Zealand-based bookkeeping, tax, and accounting software company. This cloud accounting software offers a range of products and has a tool for virtually every business, some popular options including:

  • MYOB Essentials is a browser-based software for smaller businesses looking for a simple way to manage transactions.
  • MYOB AccountRight allows users to manage inventory, expenses, and payroll both online and offline. This tier was designed for small to medium-sized businesses who are looking for a versatile service.
  • MYOB EXO is an enterprise solution that spans beyond accounting, allowing someone to control finance, payroll, CRM, and manufacturing and service management. This product aims to be your business's central dashboard and is the only MYOB software that directly integrates with Shopify.

Despite the multitude of services MYOB offers, their core goal at every level is to simplify accounting. This is abundantly clear in the user interface; they make bookkeeping easy through a variety of graphs and charts, and track numbers for tax, expenses, payroll and inventory. The simplicity they offer has made them extremely popular among Shopify users, who applaud the service for its intuitive nature. However, basic plans don't integrate with Shopify, and popular software Onesaas, has stopped supporting MYOB. So... how do you connect your Shopify store with MYOB?

MYOB Accounting Software Integrations for Shopify

How do I use MYOB in Shopify?

The easiest way to incorporate MYOB in your Shopify store would be to use integrations. How to Leverage Integrations as your Shopify Store Grows provides a fantastic introduction to integrations, and how to best use them. Here are some ways to integrate MYOB in your Shopify store.

1. DataLink

DataLink is a service that automates accounting data across all areas of your business. They promise to connect any e-commerce website to accounting services, including MYOB, Sage 50, Xero, and Exact.

DataLink offers 3 specific MYOB connections: MYOB AccountRight Classic, MYOB AccountRight Live, and MYOB RetailManager. Their Shopify integration allows you to import product databases, upload customer accounts, and download sales orders.

While they only offer 3 specific connections, the reviews are all positive and applaud DataLink's quick service.

2. Xero or MYOB sync by Shypyard

MYOB Accounting Software Integrations for Shopify

Shypyard creates bespoke connectors and custom apps for your Shopify business. The team builds business automations, custom apps, and system integrations. They also offer hundreds of free templates for clients who want to build their own apps will no developer knowledge and server management. Translation: you can sync any MYOB product with Shopify!

🚀 Try now for free! Shypyard currently supports Xero or MYOB Shopify integration. Simply connect your accounting system and we take care of the rest. Or check out their latest product if you want the best integration for MYOB AccountRight and your Shopify store.

Shypyard offers three main selling points: flexibility, volume, and speed. Whether you choose a prebuilt template or to build from the ground up, the Shypyard team can aid you through the process from beginning to end. This customizability shines through in the unlimited volume the system can handle. Shypyard builds for each unique client, so the robust system can withstand whatever your business demands.

They also offer real-time data sync, allowing you to view updates live within MYOB as Shopify data changes. Additionally, if you are looking to migrate from another accounting software or need to transfer data, the Shypyard team can work directly with you to ensure that process is smooth and no data is lost.

Reviews make note of how flexible coding was and state that Shypyard made building an integration enjoyable and efficient. For more information, check out all of Shypyard's services here.


Try now for free! Shypyard currently supports Xero or MYOB Shopify integration. Simply connect your accounting system and we take care of the rest.

3. Celigo

Celigo's integrator.io iPaaS offers a myriad of services for the regular business owner. They offer hundreds of pre-built integrations, allowing someone with no technical experience to build automation for their business. The software has been applauded for its preview and debug abilities, making adding new integrations a simple process.

Their integrator.io platform provides prebuilt connectors for three levels of MYOB: AccountRight, Essentials, and Advanced. The connectors allow you to automatically sync key data with a central dashboard, manage CRM, along with many other features.

While the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, many indicate a learning curve when initially setting up integrators, and state non-developers may struggle on the platform. Continuing, most pre-built connectors have a use-purpose in mind, making it difficult to customize for a specific function.

MYOB Integrations for Shopify

4. Cdata Software

Cdata is a data-driven software that offers hundreds of versatile connectors for businesses. They integrate directly with Shopify, allowing you to view Bl and analytics in real-time, as well as develop your own integrations. The Cdata software is exceptionally powerful, and business owners can deploy multiple Saas databases onto a server.

The platform connects hundreds of tools to Shopify, including MYOB AccountRight. Cdata Software uses an ODBC (open database connectivity) Driver interface to transfer live data from MYOB AccountRight to various platforms. This allows easier access to write transactions, invoices, sales receipts, and other important data points.

Cdata has an incredible 4.8/5 stars on Capterra, and reviews applaud the program for its simplicity and reliability. However, some point out how the application is not cloud-based and is not very portable. Additionally, uploading data can be time-consuming as there is no built-in method to stagger upload times.

MYOB Integrations for Shopify

Which software is right for me?

Each provides a very unique purpose. However, a good bet for every business would be Shypyard. They offer customizability on every front, allowing you to change your accounting process to suit your business's unique needs. Check out the Shypyard website for more information, book a free consultation, or email support@shypyard.io.

Finally check out Shypyard's latest product, a standard integration for MYOB AccountRight to Shopify, the spiritual successor to the OneSaas connector which will be deprecated in July 2021.

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