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Case Studies

How Shypyard Reinvented Data for Three Ships

The word "data" often seems larger than life, conjuring frightening images of large tech firms and information insecurity. However, statistics are used by establishments big and small to help provide the best services possible for their clients. Whether Facebook or your local bagel shop, companies use data to make informed business decisions and provide better services. This is especially true for Shopify stores, which often lack the engagement brick and mortar businesses thrive on. So, it's no surprise that good data collection is the key to success for so many e-commerce merchants.

Learn more about how Shypyard reinvented data visualization for Three Ships.

About ThreeShips

Three Ships is a revolutionary beauty brand with products that are proudly 100% natural, affordable, and vegan. In the highly competitive skincare market, the company turned to Shypyard for a better way to manage its data streams. We sat down with cofounder Laura Burget to learn about how Shypyard helped them save over 20 hours each month.

The Problem

Three Ships understands data is king.

To stay on top of their business, they track several KPIs over multiple data sources: follower counts, average order value, customer acquisition costs, ad rates, the list goes on. These metrics were collected from several reporting dashboards which caused inconsistent results and required hours of data collection each week.

Additionally, Three Ships has investors who prioritize certain metrics. It was difficult and time-consuming for the business to organize all necessary information for the right people.

As a rapidly growing business, the company knew they needed an upgrade.

The Solution

To simplify data visualization, Shypyard built a custom dashboard on Google Data Studio. This blends data from Shopify, Gorgias, Amazon, Instagram, TradeGecko, Quickbooks, Facebook Ads, Klayvio, PostScript, and more!

The dashboard contains 8 tabs, each recording unique metrics defined by Three Ships. The tool is always live, ensuring the team has a clear picture of their business at all times. A variety of charts and visuals create an engaging product and automatically compare analytics across different sources. In addition, the team can filter by different dates and time periods to view trends and diagnose issues.

Working with Shypyard also gave them the power to track anything they desired. Three Ships carries products in major retailers such as Hudsons Bay, and Target, but was unable to keep tabs on specific sales and client information through Shopify.

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Before Shypyard, Three Ships had to manually compare data from different retailers. As the company scaled, it became increasingly difficult to track each SKU and sale numbers.

Shypyard created a wholesale tab to aggregate order information from key accounts and translated that data into an intuitive table. Along with a central monthly sales table, Three Ships can compare yearly sales and set specific queries.

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Having this information easily accessible enables teams to work independently and become more efficient.

Along with granular visualization, the dashboard can change to suit Three Ships' evolving business. The team can drag-and-drop charts and graphs, and set changing targets as their business grows.

Management can also create new pages within the dashboard (eg: department-specific pages), allowing teams to track certain metrics, share reports with specific people, and more!

In Action

Easy Data Visibility

With the dashboard, all of Three Ships' data is in one place. Graphs automatically compare information, and team members can select certain fields they want to analyze.

This feature is heavily utilized in the social media tab, where different marketing strategies and conversion rates are displayed. Each graph can be further refined to only display specific data points (eg: revenue generated from Pinterest).

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Accurate Analysis

Various reporting dashboards have different internal systems, meaning they record slightly different numbers even when all other variables are the same. This meant someone using Quickbooks would not see the same figures on Freshbooks.

With Shypyard, all of Three Ships' data now goes through a unified process. All raw information is collected and transferred to Google Sheets, which is then inserted into Google Data Studio. This new process increases consistency within the business and allows Three Ships to be more confident in their business decisions.

Increased Team Accountability

Three Ships is rapidly growing and needed a product to scale with them.

With their new dashboard, users can set dollar targets, and track their progress. These targets are shared with all members of the business, ensuring accountability and cohesion. This increased transparency helps motivate the team and encourages unity within the business.

Build a Custom Data Dashboard for Your Business!

If you're looking to build your own data dashboard, consider Shypyard! No matter the size of your business, we are dedicated to helping your business unlock its full potential. Our engineers will work with you throughout the entire design process, giving you the flexibility to make changes as you see fit.

Along with custom projects, Shypyard comes free with dozens of connectors for your Shopify store. Sign up for a free trial today!

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