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How Shopify Integrations Enhance The Buying Journey

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What You Need to Know

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What Is the Buying Journey?

The buying journey is the process by which a potential customer decides on a product or service. It can generally be split into three steps from beginning to end: awareness, consideration, and decision. As a merchant, it is vital to spice up your Shopify storefront with various features in order to attract and maintain buyer interest.

Shopify App Integrations For Every Step of the Buying Journey

Step 1: Awareness

In this stage, prospective customers have noticed your company’s marketing efforts and are expressing symptoms of a problem or opportunity. They will often conduct research in order to pinpoint the product or service that best serves them. In these early stages, it is important for your business to stand out to buyers—this can be achieved through a variety of plugins and Shopify add-ons.

  1. ROI Hunter is a product marketing platform (PMP) that helps e-commerce retailers amplify campaign reach and generate more profit. The PMP connects to your company’s product feed and integrates data from platforms like Google Ads, Facebook, and Shopify in order to optimize marketing campaigns. Using a PMP helps attract buyer attention early in the buying journey, increasing your company’s profitability.
  2. Popupsmart is a popup builder that allows your company to design popups ads for your online store. Some examples include “Subscribe to our newsletter for x% off your first purchase” or “Act fast! Our sitewide sale ends tonight”. Popup ads are an effective call to action that boost initial customer engagement and decrease cart abandonment rate.
  3. Wheel of Popups puts a fun spin on popup ads by letting buyers “spin to win” different discounts upon clicking into your store. Directly engaging potential buyers early in the awareness stage increases customer retention.

Step 2: Consideration

In this stage, prospective customers have identified their specific need and are considering purchasing from your business. They may be comparing your business to its competitors, so it’s important to provide them with ample information to show that you can serve them best.

  1. LOOX is a Shopify app that allows customers to post and read product reviews. It is photo-centric, which helps boost your company’s credibility and incentivizes buyers who are on the fence. Loox also spotlights positive customer reviews, utilizing the power of word-of-mouth marketing to convince buyers to shop from your business.

2. LimeSpot Personalizer is a personalized recommendation plugin that suggests relevant products to customers throughout their shopping journey. Based on a buyer’s previously viewed items, it recommends products to cross-sell or upsell. Personalized recommendations greatly enhance the shopping experience and are crucial during the consideration stage.

Step 3: Decision

The decision stage is the last step of the buying journey. The customer has selected a company to buy from and is about to close their purchase. In this step, it’s important to accommodate the customer’s needs through different payment methods and discounts in order to encourage repeat purchases.

  1. is a loyalty and rewards program. Repeat customers can accumulate points from their purchases, which then add up to discounts or prizes. You can also leverage the referral system to turn loyal customers into brand ambassadors who will market your company at a low cost. Loyalty programs like this one are a surefire way to retain clientele and build brand loyalty. Furthermore, you can now reward your customers with points when they submit a LOOX photo review (LOOX is mentioned above).
  2. Recharge is a subscription offer plugin that lets you customize different subscription packages. This “subscribe and save” method is crucial to building a loyal clientele.

How to Integrate External Apps Into Shopify

You might notice that some of these plugins aren’t readily available on the Shopify app store. Not to worry! Shypyard is here to integrate all of these for you and more. We specialize in creating custom integrations that seamlessly connect any extensions and apps that you might want for your Shopify store. Get in touch with us here!

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