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A Beginner's Guide to Shopify Email Marketing

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What You Need to Know

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As new apps and trends rise over time, there is always a new pretty trick that promises to grow your business overnight. While these fads always change, the undisputed king of digital marketing will always be the email.

Why use email marketing?

The omnipresent nature of emails makes them the perfect tool for a business to harness. Email marketing is an easy, affordable, and customizable way for businesses to contact clients and develops brand recognition. It's also incredibly simple to track data and analytics, making it such a common tool among businesses. However, its greatest strength is also its downfall. The simplicity of email marketing has made it so common that virtually every brand employs some form of it. So, in an ocean of competition, how do you stand out? Let's explore.

Understand your client

The first step to improve the reach of your emails is to know your customer. Put yourself in the shoes of your consumer. What value do they receive from your item? What need, or want do you fulfill? Asking these questions can help you to understand your client's preferences and purchase patterns, allowing you to anticipate their needs and provide the best service possible.

Another major part of knowing your client is understanding their buying journey. The buying journey describes the process someone takes when decides to purchase an item. This article breaks down the entire process.

Personalize messages

Once you understand your clients, write for them specifically. Instead of writing a cookie-cutter message with the sole intent of selling a product, personalize it! Little touches in emails such as personalized subject lines, are 26% more likely to be opened.

A fantastic example of a brand that uses personalized emails to its advantage is Native. The eco-friendly and cruelty-free deodorant brand's advertisements are unique, making them interesting to a regular shopper.

Most of Native's consumers are young, environmentally-conscious individuals that are willing to go the extra mile when purchasing deodorant. This email perfectly captures the essence of their clients and increases the likelihood of their emails being read, rather than unsubscribed from.

So, personalize your messages! It's easier than it seems. Mailchimp uses merge tags to automatically put contact information into emails, send time automation, and email scheduling to ensure that you get the best results. Other alternatives include Zapier, Elastic Email, and Sendgrid.

Warm up your IP

If you're sending mass emails, there's a possibility that none of your messages are getting any visibility. Most email servers have automated systems that flag suspicious messages and automatically put them in spam. This system largely protects users from scams by domain reputation tracking, however, the filter isn't perfect.

If a large volume of your recipients use Gmail, you can check your domain's reputation using Google Postmaster Tools. Reputations for IPs and domains are colour-coded: ranging from deep red (bad) to green (good).

If you have a red tick, chances are, your emails are being sent to spam. To avoid this problem, try warming your IP. Your Internet Protocol Address is a set of rules that contain location information and makes devices accessible for communication. If your IP address is cold, meaning it has not been used to send emails for a certain period of time, a mass email sent from this address will be marked as spam.

To reduce the likelihood of this happening, set daily sending limits for your email, and slowly increase the number you send at a time. While this process may be time-consuming, it ultimately saves you the hassle of having to change your IP address and make other adjustments.

Use an ESP

A simpler solution to increase email visibility is to use or update your email service provider (ESP). An ESP is a software company with an email marketing platform or tool that enables you to create and send bulk emails. As mentioned with cold IP addresses, sending emails through your own domain opens you to the possibility of being sent straight to spam. Using an ESP lessens that risk.

ESPs have servers that send large volumes of email in a way that doesn’t set off spam filters. However, each ESP can handle a different capacity of emails. So before you send out thousands of emails, check to see what your ESP can handle, or contact their support team. Some popular options include Godaddy, Mailchimp, and Validity.

Time emails better

Timing is everything, so an easy way to improve the success of your emails is to time them better.  Try sending promotional emails right before sales to help drive conversions, and look at your website analytics. Rather than send all emails at once, pay attention to the time zones of the receivers and time emails accordingly. While this varies for each business, going the extra step to time emails shows your customers that you care.

Use Shypyard

If you're looking for more customization, try Shypyard's Shopify Integration Services. Their platform is extremely flexible with hundreds of marketing software connectors from the Shopify to Sendgrid integration, Shopify to Mailchimp integration, Shopify to Klaviyo integration, and many more. Shypyard builds bespoke integrations and connects your tech stack to keep everything running smoothly. They can automate messages, automatically sending order confirmation emails, troubleshooting requests, and even notify customers when shipments are delayed. There's unlimited customizability with Shypyard, so you can create the exact tool your business needs.

In all, there's no single method that will grow your business overnight, but email marketing is a great place to start. The ease of use and ability to drive conversions the platform provides make it a surefire way to help your growing store.

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