Benefits of Automating your Accounting with Shypyard

Shypyard's connectors come equipped with a plethora of easy-to-use features designed specifically for merchants. Learn why so many merchants love Shypyard


Multi Store/Channel Support

As your business scales with new channels and more stores, Shypyard ensures your accounting remains seamless

Having lots of stores and sales channels often means more accounting headaches.

With Shypyard, you can link all your stores and channels and automate accounting al together so you can focus on your business.

all channels

Tired of individually looking up each of your store's stock level?

Shypyard keep track of your stock in real time so you can stay up to date with all stores and distribution centers

*availability depending on accounting system


Inventory Sync

Ensure your stock levels are consistent throughout your store and your accounting system

Worried about overselling an item due to the wrong stock level?

Shypyard pushes stock updates to your sales channels when an item or kit's stock changes in real time so you don't have to.

sync inventory

Ever have to manually copy items from your store into your accounting system?

When a product is created in Shopify, Shypyard will automatically create a corresponding new item in your accounting system.

new item

Order Level Sync

Rest assured that you're getting the latest payout and sales data directly from its source every hour

Want to map your orders from a Shopify Payout to their corresponding order?

Shypyard automatically records Shopify payouts with a corresponding bank transaction so you don't have tp.

individual items

Mapping payments to their transactions can be a long and tedious process.

Shypyard will automatically register your payment data from your store against your sales in your accounting system.


Error Handling

Detect and prevent errors before they happen with Shypyard, saving you time and stress

Sometimes your store will have new and previously unseen income or expense transactions in your account.

With Shypyard's AutoMapping, it will automatically assign the account and tax rate to that new transaction saving you future headaches


With Shypyard, you no longer need to worry about missing SKUs for items.

Shypyard will automatically update the Shopify product with the SKU, and create an item in your accounting system.