Simplified Business Planning, Designed for Modern Brands

Build by DTC merchants, Shypyard lets you effortlessly manage your demand planning and supply chain forecasting - all in one place

1. Connect

Shypyard neatly integrates all your sales and inventory data so you get an overview of all your sales channels and supply chain information in one place, in real-time. Examples include:

Shopify, Amazon and more

Pull in all your historical sales channel data with our 1-click integrations to Shopify, Amazon and more

WMS, IMS and other sources of inventory

Get real-time visibility into your full supply chain by integrating your warehouse management systems or other sources of inventory such as FBA

Import Custom Data fromĀ CSV

If you have custom on order inventory you need to support, simply import it with a CSV


2. Gain Visibility

Shypyard organizes all your data from different sources so they are comparable and easily visualized
- see comparable sales between channels
- visualize your inventory at all stages of the journey


3. Forecast

Our tools allow you to slice and dice your e-commerce data. Answer questions such as:
- What SKUs are selling slower / faster than we anticipated?
- How much raw materials do I need to order and when?
- When do I need to place a production order with my final manufacturer?
- Do I have enough components to satisfy my bundle demand?


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